Re: reactions based on subject not in the msgpage.

1998-08-21 10:06:32
On August 21, 1998 at 12:27, Werner Teeling wrote:

-------------  Why I want this.

 Because it is a better way to get an idea of a thread.
 Without looking at other distracting thread/information.
 (information overload and more buzz words.. :)  )
-------------  Disclaimer

 I like the possibilities of MHonarc,
 but it takes more to develop a user-friendly system.

"user-friendly" is a subjective term.  If MHonArc does not do
what you need, then change it.  It is released under the GPL.


P.S.  Your MUA screws up the References: header field.  It also
does not include the message-ids of my messages.