ADMIN: bye-bye spam

1998-08-21 01:34:36
Well, we've been moderately successful in our anti-spam tactics
for the MHonArc mailing list.  Believe it or not, we've been
trapping about 50% of the junk that comes in.

Unfortunately, it's still not good enough though.  I know that you've
all been getting sick and tired of this type of mail propagating through
our list, and I agree with you.

To prevent further raping of system resources by spammers, the
MHonArc mailing list is now closed to subscribers.  This means
that you cannot post to the list unless you are subscribed to
it without some kind of human intervention by the list owner 
(currently myself). 

Because some of you may post from multiple accounts I am 
maintaining another data file that consists of alternative
addresses that have list member privelages.  If you have
multiple accounts that you'll be posting from, please subscribe
to the list 'mhonarc-allow(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu' from each of these

To subscribe, send mail to


with the body of your message containing the single line

subscribe mhonarc-allow

Messages coming from unknown addresses will bounce to me.  If
they look appropriate, I will approve and resend them to the list. 


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