Re: An odd problem with Mhonarc v2.2.0

1998-08-26 22:21:24
On August 23, 1998 at 23:54, The Hermit Hacker wrote:

  Trying it a second time, using exactly the same command and the
same archive file, I should get 'No new messages', correct?

Do your messages have message-ids?  If not, then do not use -add.

      Yes, they do...and from what I can tell with just a cursory
glance, they are all different..

Do the index pages show duplicate listings?  Can you make available
sample data that illustrates the problem?

BTW, as mentioned in the README:

    If it is a bug you are reporting, please include the following in
    your message:

        o  Version of Perl (can be retrievied by "perl -v").
        o  Version of the program (can be retrievied by "mhonarc -v").
        o  The operating system you are using (on Unix the output
           of "uname -a" is useful).
        o  The exact command-line used to invoke the program.
        o  Error/diagnostic messages from the program.
        o  Any other information that might prove useful (eg. input
           files, resource files, environment settings, etc).


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