hiding e-mail addresses

1998-08-25 02:36:19
We use mhonarc to convert our mailing list to html. In the html-output
of each mail you can find different email adresses of the sender etc.
Automatic robots will have much fun crawling through those pages,
because they can find lots of addresses to use for spam.

We'd like to hide any e-mail addresses to avoid robots to collect them.
Using the <nomailto> resource does not exactly what we want, because it
generates no link to e-mails, but you will still find them in the html
source. I have tried to replace all @ symbols with something else like #
in the inbox before starting mhonarc. An email is recognized by the q
symbol and so this sould make a string not being recognized as an
address. But mhonarc becomes confused and cannot handle the inbox.

Programming a little tool that manipulates the inbox that mhonarc is fed
with is no problem. What I need is a good idea how to hide the adresses
from robots but make them available for human readers.

Any ideas?

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