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1998-08-25 13:49:48
On August 25, 1998 at 10:20, J C Lawrence wrote:

Hasan Karahasan, 
DJ2xt<h(_dot_)karahasan(_at_)pinneberg(_dot_)netsurf(_dot_)de> wrote:

We'd like to hide any e-mail addresses to avoid robots to collect
them.  Using the <nomailto> resource does not exactly what we want,
because it generates no link to e-mails, but you will still find
them in the html source.
I do it by post-processing the HTML files produced by MHonArc.  You
can find the relevant script at:


There are problems, as recently discussed on this list (see the
archives) with this approach however in that the named script will
also occassionally munge Message ID's which in turn will affect how
well MHonArc does its inter-message linking.  

A way to avoid the message-id problem is to redefine the MSGIDLINK
resource.  You can set MSGIDLINK to still provide a link, but format
it in a way the your post-processor knows about to avoid munging it.


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