Re: hiding e-mail addresses

1998-08-25 14:21:50
We'd like to hide any e-mail addresses to avoid robots to collect them.
Using the <nomailto> resource does not exactly what we want, because it
generates no link to e-mails, but you will still find them in the html
source. I have tried to replace all @ symbols with something else like #
in the inbox before starting mhonarc. An email is recognized by the q
symbol and so this sould make a string not being recognized as an
address. But mhonarc becomes confused and cannot handle the inbox.

Programming a little tool that manipulates the inbox that mhonarc is fed
with is no problem. What I need is a good idea how to hide the adresses
from robots but make them available for human readers.

Off the top of my head here, but I might just go ahead and do it...
Why not preprocess messages to do a rot13 or something on them before
sending it to MHonArc?

Then use the MAILTOURL resource on your pages to link to a CGI script
that will reverse the rot13 and allow mail to be sent...

Late for a meeting, will respond to gaping holes in my thinking later.


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