<Possible follow-up(s)> no more

1998-09-15 18:43:24

I always get the feeling that if I look hard enough in the Mhonarc
documentation, the answer to any question is sitting there. But I
couldn't find these:

1) I would like my index to be more confident about threading.
That means not using the disclaimer <Possible follow-up(s)>
when things are unsure. Let mistakes be made! Is there any
way to turn off the disclaimer?

2) I've noticed there are many date resource variables for
use in the web pages, anything from 01/02/98 to the ISO
whateverwhatever official date string. But it would be nice
if there was a date string that said something like "Jan 4, 1998"
which has the advantage of being short, unambiguous to
those of us who can't remember whether month comes first or
day comes first in 02/02/02, oh, and year 2000 compliant!

You know you are working with a polished system when the questions
get this finely detailed! Sorry if the answers are already sitting in
the documentation - I didn't see them.


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