Re: attachment names and "Message Not Available"

1998-09-16 12:43:35
On September 15, 1998 at 18:25, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

It would be nice to be able to stifle "Message Not Available" messages
in the thread index. This would slightly beautify thread indexes, and
many archive perusers don't actually care if some message is not

Try blanking out TLINONE and TLINONEEND.  I think it should give
you the effect you want.

(2) Mime handling is great with MHonarc. However many Mime objects get
named files with things like 000432.bin. I would prefer, from a
usuability standpoint, to have the files stored under their attachment
name, for a couple of reasons.

If MUAs used proper media-types, it would not be a problem.

First, some OS's like Windows put great significance on file name
attachments. Imagine a Windows person browsing a set of archives.
Having the .doc extension on a Microsoft Word document
renamed .bin turns a one step click-and-view into a multistep
renaming process.

This happens because the sender did not give the proper content-type.
A recurring issue that comes up on the list (I should add to the

I guess my first preference would be actually keeping the attachment
names, so I guess putting attachments in a subdirectory per message
would be required to avoid name space collisions. Not doing that,
I'd much rather see a naming scheme like 000432.doc 000433.xls so
at least browser and server Mime typing will work correctly.

See the options to filter in the MIMEFILTERS page.
You should be able to do what you want.  Make note of the security
warnings mentioned about using message specified filenames.

v2.3 adds the usenameext option to do like the naming scheme you


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