Re: attachment names and "Message Not Available"

1998-09-17 07:23:39
The MIME standards are the way they are for a very good reason.  Until
recently, most documents on the internet with the extension .doc were
formatated ASCII text files.  Different systems have different conventions
about extensions and files names.  The internet is about getting different
systems to work together.
The MIME header standard is well designed.  It splits the responsibility
of dealing with different sorts of files in a correct way.

Thanxs for your explanation!
I Know that the MIME header is the way. 
But It seems that Eudora, for example, have a special function to correctly
parsing attachments. For example: I send a RTF file like text/plain and
mhonarc put him in the message like a text. Eudora makes a link to  in the
message. Why Eudora don't put it in the message too?
Should be possible to identify possible wrong MIME types? The client might
correctly tell me that a document is application/pdf, text/plain,
aplication/... but if the client is wrong (and I know this because of the
file extension - JPG is not a text/plain for example), is there a way to
correct this. 

Thanxs in advance!

Marcos Aurélio Souza

Y A D A TA  Serviços de Informática Ltda
Florianópolis - SC - Brasil