Re: ANNOUNCE: MHonArc v2.3.0 beta

1998-09-22 15:27:53
On September 22, 1998 at 12:30, "Olivier Nguyen Van Tan" wrote:

when I am running MHonArc (with or without my rc file), MHonArc told me : "1
new messages"...
and my mail messages (from ezmlm archive) are about 1000 !!!
(I can't rebuild the database from scratch, I do not know why ?)

Have you looked into the MSGSEP and/or MHPATTERN resources?  If
an ezmlm archive does not conform to the defaults used by MHonArc, you
may need to change these resources.  Use MSGSEP if all messages are
in a single file, use MHPATTERN if messages are kept in individual


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