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1998-09-22 15:22:03
On September 22, 1998 at 08:31, Arrchie wrote:

1 : Is it possible to completely change the output that mhonarc


I have read
the mhonarc doc's,  but i cant grasp how to change the output so are there
any examples of RCFILES which i can check out. It would be good to be able
to change the default output also, so is there a RCFILE on my system
somewhere which defines the default output, if so what is it called? 

There is no example rcfile provided that represents the defaults.
The only exception is def-mime.mrc which represents the default
filter settings.

To know what the defaults are, look at the resource pages of the
documentation.  You can copy-n-paste from the doc to your own

2 : Is it possible to run mhonarc so that it just produces the threading
but makes no html.?. because I am using glimpse search engine and dont want
the html code to be searched but i need a threaded message base.

There is no resource to suppress the generation of message pages.

Something like it may be a useful feature to have so MHonArc can be
used to create indexes of messages, and links to messages are
customized (via resources) to go through a CGI program that converts
the original message to HTML on the fly (using mhonarc in SINGLE
mode).  However, you would lose navigational links in the converted
message.  Maybe acceptable if using a frame-based archive.
(Note, a potential solution to the reproducable URL problem.)


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