Re: MHonArc with Majordomo

1998-09-21 15:00:24
I'm running Majordomo and qmail together and I'm looking for a nice way to
publish my list archives on the web.

I can get MHonarc to add them to an archive as they arrive, but as far as
I can see this will put all mail for the list into one huge archive.
Alternatively I could run MHonArc on a Majordomo archive of the format
list.YYYYMM, but I have heard that Majordomo archives do not always
contain all the information MHonArc can use to thread articles properly.

Can anyone give me some hints on how they have used MHonArc to provide a
web gateway to their Majordomo lists?

I preprocess via a procmail filter -- you can pump mail directly into procmail
via your aliases file, or create an account that calls it through a .forward
file (I'm guessing this works the same way as sendmail).

Here's a quick and easy .procmailrc to do it (replace TAB with actual tab

   DATE=`date +%b%y`

   # If people don't want to be archived, then remove their
   # message
   * ^(X-no-archive: yes|Restrict: no-external-archive)

   # Save a backup of all incoming mail

   # Note the lock -- why not let procmail do the locking instead
   # of the overhead of Perl and MHonArc to do the checking?
   | mhonarc -add -umask 023 -outdir /mnt/WWW/htdocs/lists/$DATE

There's a lot more that you can do, but this is simple enough to get
the job done.  Untested, but I think it'll work.


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