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1998-09-22 13:17:38
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Arrchie <arrchie(_at_)cosmic(_dot_)net(_dot_)au> wrote:

Hi I have 2 questions, I hope someone can help me.

1 : Is it possible to completely change the output that mhonarc


I believe you can to some degree with RCFILES?..  I have read the
mhonarc doc's, but i cant grasp how to change the output so are
there any examples of RCFILES which i can check out. 

There are several pointers to example RC files on the MHonArc web
site.  You can also find the ones I use at  You can see what their
output looks like at

It would be good to be able to change the default output also, so
is there a RCFILE on my system somewhere which defines the default
output, if so what is it called?


2 : Is it possible to run mhonarc so that it just produces the
threading but makes no html.?. because I am using glimpse search
engine and dont want the html code to be searched but i need a
threaded message base.

I don't believe I understand your question.

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