Re: Eudora 3.0 for PC and MHonArc

1998-09-25 12:02:20
On September 25, 1998 at 11:53, "Steve Pacenka" wrote:

Finally, when I send the attachment the page source gives the
following :

<P><A HREF="bin00000.bin" > nasa2.gif</A></P>

That's MHonArc output.  What's needed for diagnosis is a snippet of what
Eudora (and Pine) is sending, i.e. what MHonarc starts from.

Something with ".bin" extension means that the data was labeled with

The output does offer a clue, in that to show the image embedded in the
message the MHonArc output would have to read:

   <IMG SRC="nasa2.gif">

instead of

   <A HREF="bin00000.bin" > nasa2.gif</A>

By default, MHonArc inline image/gif, image/jpeg, image/x-xbitmap, and
image/x-xbm.  Notice that the decision is based on content-type and
NOT any filename specified.

When creating links to attached files, MHonArc will try to us the
Content-Description as the link text.  If no Content-Description,
then any filename specified will be used as the link text.  If no
filename specified, then a brief description based on content-type
is used.

To resolve the Eudora problem, the best solution is to fix Eudora.
If not possible, check the filter options to the various filters
documented in the MIMEFILTERS page for possible work-arounds on
the MHonArc side.


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