Re: Eudora 3.0 for PC and MHonArc

1998-09-25 15:42:09
On September 25, 1998 at 14:03, "John R. LoVerso" wrote:

To resolve the Eudora problem, the best solution is to fix Eudora.
If not possible, check the filter options to the various filters
documented in the MIMEFILTERS page for possible work-arounds on
the MHonArc side.

Being that 2.3 supports it, can't you just make "usenameext" the default
option for the application/octet-stream filter?  This is much more likely
to stop this question from being asked over and over than ho

No, it will never be the default.  "usenameext" opens create a security
hole.  For example, I can send a message with a filename of ".htpasswd".


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