RE: Eudora 3.0 for PC and MHonArc

1998-09-25 10:45:00
When attaching a graphic file to a message using Eudora 3.0
for PC, the
graphic appears on the message page as a link and you can
only save it to
the desktop.  This problem does not occur when the same
message is sent
from a MAC or Unix machine (the graphic is visable on the actual page.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Eudora for Unix?

Are you using Eudora 3.0x on all platforms?  4.0 introduced some HTML
message formatting.

If you get no definitive replies from the list, please post brief excerpts
from bodies of raw Eudora-sent messages from each platform that show how the
messages make reference to their graphic "attachment".  (Or email me
examples from both PC and Mac platforms and I will make and post the

I have tried changing the encoding method in Eudora, and
still no luck.

Does "encoding method" meaning the choice between binhex vs uuencode vs

-- SP