Is subject-based threading actually done in conjunction with explicit threading?

1998-09-25 09:20:24
I recently installed MHonArc V2.2.0 on Win95 (PERL 5) and it does a real good
Job. It's great!
As I collect mail through Outlook Express, I'm using satisfactorily the
m2e.exe converter from MS to Eudora but I do not have control on the mailing
agent which does not provide "In-reply-to" statements. I therefore do not get
explicit threading.
Fortunately, MHonArc provides for subject-based threading. I am however
experiencing 2 problems with it :
1- if threading is detected most of the time, leading to proper indention in
the Thread List, it sometimes fails (apparently, as soon as there is an other
message in between the reference and its undetected follow-up).
2- irrespective of what Version 2.2.0 claims, I'm unable to get subject-based
threading actually work as if it were explicit threading : $NUMFOLUP$ stucks
at 0 and, in the messages, follow-up links are not generated after the message
body  eventhough $FOLREFS$ is on.
Did I miss something. Any advice or solution?
Thx, Christian