Help with Problems?

1998-09-28 12:45:50

I'm a new MHonArc user :  )  and I have a few problems/questions.

1) I have mhonarc successfully archiving a list, but I tried to create
another archive in a new directory for a different list and it didn't work.
I used the same rc files etc... I suspect it's a permissions problem of
some sort. I can run the command from the command line, but it won't work
being called from the .qmail alias?

2) Is there a way to include the message-id number as part of the output

3) We're experimenting using mhonarc as one of the tools in our distance
education efforts - combining the push of emal and the pull of a webpage. I
was wondering if anyone has done any work on a user message management
script. Specifically I'm thinking of giving a user the ability to delete a
message they have posted from the archive and force a re-indexing of pages
-- something like canceling a post from a newsgroup.