PGLINK(TPREV) in page 2 doesn't point to IDXFNAME

1998-09-28 05:49:43
MHonARC V2.3.0beta, Perl 5, Win95

In my set up, PGLINK(TPREV) in Index page # 2 does not point to [IDXFNAME]. It
points to [IDXPREFIX]1.html instead. Same problem with thread page 2. Did I
misconfigured my rcfile? Here it is :

<PrevPgLink chop>
[<A HREF="$PG(PREV)$">Page précédente</A>]

==> From Index Page # 2,  it links to index1.html instead of index.html  which
I am expecting.

Incidently, is there a variable to make the page number available to Index and
Thread page layouts.

Thx, Christian

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