Re: Is subject-based threading actually done in conjunction with explicit threading?

1998-09-25 13:11:07
Hi Earl,
You said
In sum, subject-based detection will fail if the "base" subject text
does not match after SUBJECTREPLYRXP is applied.  Alternate non-ascii
encoding of the same subject can cause a fail to match.

Some implementation issues arise if decoding is done first, plus the
extra overhead will slow things down.  Subject-based detection already
has its built-in deficiencies with respect to threading.  So for now, I
see no compelling reason to change anything.

It's still an interesting problem.

Your diagnostic is right. I checked it by inserting a
$sub =~s/=?iso-8859-1?Q?Tr_/;/Tr: =?iso-8859-1?Q?/; statement in the
# Get Subject ## of and it worked OK.
Slowing down the system is not that much of a problem for me: I therefore have
a solution even if it's not the perfect one.
What a very nice support you offer !!!
Many Thanks, Christian