Re: Mail-lists: MHonArc/glimpse/wilma: so what should I use for news?

1998-09-26 14:44:25
On September 25, 1998 at 21:40, Simon J Mudd wrote:

I'd like to do something similar for internal newsgroups, and wonder if
anyone could point me to a FAQ on how to do this. 

The newsgroups are small 2-3 with a small number of posts per day.  Any
pointers would be welcome.

Solutions can vary depending on what kind of access you have to your
newserver.  If you are the administrator, you can probably have MHonArc
process the directories the news server stores articles in directly.
Many servers store articles in a directoy structure that mirrors
newsgroup name hierarchies.  For example, comp.lang.perl.misc would be
mapped to comp/lang/perl/misc with each article in a separate file.

Another approach is to try out Net::NNTP module.  You can use this
module (see CPAN) to download news articles and then pipe the data
to MHonArc.

BTW, if you, or anyone, comes up with a general method of interfacing
with a news server, please pass on the information to the list.  It
is definitely something that I can add to the FAQ so others can
benefit.  I've never bothered to come up with something myself (no
real need, except maybe curiosity).


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