Re: setting a resource to nil

1998-09-25 16:22:28
On September 25, 1998 at 22:18, Marc van Grootel wrote:

I tried 


but that didn't do it. It inserted the default value.  To work around
it I had to use:



which is not a big problem. Still, how DO you set a resource to nil? Is
this behaviour intentional?

This is known behavior.  I have mentioned it to the list in the past,
and it is mentioned in the frame.mrc example.

It should probably be mentioned somewhere in the main docs.  Unsure
where, though.  Maybe add it to the FAQ.

If anyone's interested I can post the dtd and the resource files when
I have it working to my satisfaction. It can be used to make printing
a selection of emails easier and do other neat stuff. 
Or has something similar already been done? 

Not that I know of.  However, I have been aware that MHonArc could be
used to conver email to SGML but I never bothered to write resource
file(s) to do it since I have not needed to do it. was
coded to support generic conversion.  All this was before XML was
thought of.

Once you have something you like, provide a URL.  I'm interested.


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