MHonArc on NT

1998-11-09 16:05:35
I haven't been able to find a message in the archives addressing this issue,
so I thought I'd send it out.

I want to archive a Netscape mailbox to the web using MHonArc2.3.0.  I
believe the install went fine.  However, when I try to run the command to
create the archive, I get nothing back.  No status messages, and no files
created in the working directory.  I then saw the FAQ about changing the
extension of the "Inbox" file in the user's "Mail" folder to .mbx.  I did
this, same results.  Then I tried feeding it bogus directories and files
that don't exist as parameters.  Same results.

Is there something I haven't tried that I need to.  Is it a problem if
Mhonarc is installed on C: and the mailboxes and outdir I want are on D:?


Don Seiler
Dewitt, Ross & Stevens S.C.
x 255

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