Re: MHonArc on NT

1998-11-09 22:35:46
On November 9, 1998 at 15:15, "Donald Seiler" wrote:

I want to archive a Netscape mailbox to the web using MHonArc2.3.0.  I
believe the install went fine.  However, when I try to run the command to
create the archive, I get nothing back.  No status messages, and no files
created in the working directory.  I then saw the FAQ about changing the
extension of the "Inbox" file in the user's "Mail" folder to .mbx.

Nothing like this is mentioned in the FAQ.  Filename extensions are
irrelevant to MHonArc.

I did
this, same results.  Then I tried feeding it bogus directories and files
that don't exist as parameters.  Same results.

Is there something I haven't tried that I need to.  Is it a problem if
Mhonarc is installed on C: and the mailboxes and outdir I want are on D:?

Shouldn't be.

I think the problem is that the install process for Win32 environments
requires an extra manual step as noted in the INSTALL document.

However, if you get the latest version (v2.3.3), a new install
program is used which provides better automatic setup under Win32.
From the latest INSTALL document under WIN32 NOTES:

    o   The main programs will automatically be converted to DOS batch
        files.  Hence, if the path location of the main programs is
        in your PATH, you should be able to invoke them like any other
        program.  Note, the path to the perl executable must be in
        your PATH, also.

The only problem with conversion to batch files is that I/O redirection
does not work (a stupid limitation of Win32 systems).  However, this
will really only affect -single usage.  Other operations should work

Earl Hood

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