Re: Which version? Multiple resource files? Attachment problem

1998-11-12 06:43:42
Hi Earl,

The attachments that *do* get successfully archived are saved with filenames
like bin00035.bin. I've read the section in the FAQ headed "Why are
attachments saved as a ".bin" files?". However, how do senders of the
messages go about labelling the data properly (as the FAQ suggests)? There's
a variety of mail clients here, but many people use Eudora, or Netscape or
IE (and there's a mass movement underway to Outlook).

(I know, I know, we should upgrade from 2.1.0 to 2.3.3)

Thanks for your help,


Many (but not all) mail-attachments fail to be archived correctly. Something
like the following then appears in the archived message:

     Could not process part with given Content-Type: application/msword;
     x-mac-type="42494E41"; x-mac-creator="4D535744" 

It is hard to say what the problem may be w/o having an actual sample
message that generates the message.

Is this problem caused by bugs in the version of MHonArc we're using, or is
there something wrong in the setup of MHonArc at our site? (Our mail server
is running SunOS 5.6.)

Hard to say.  You may want to try the latest version of MHonArc to
see if the problem still occurs.


Earl Hood

Kevin Noonan
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