Re: Which version? Multiple resource files? Attachment problem

1998-11-12 23:03:19
On November 12, 1998 at 11:39, Kevin Noonan wrote:

The attachments that *do* get successfully archived are saved with filenames
like bin00035.bin. I've read the section in the FAQ headed "Why are
attachments saved as a ".bin" files?". However, how do senders of the
messages go about labelling the data properly (as the FAQ suggests)? There's
a variety of mail clients here, but many people use Eudora, or Netscape or
IE (and there's a mass movement underway to Outlook).

The answer to your question is in the documentation of the various
MUAs you have mentioned.  It is outside of the scope of MHonArc.
If any one comes up with a document on about configuring various MUAs
to label data properly, I will be happy to include the information
into the FAQ as a convienence to other users.


Earl Hood

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