Re: Which version? Multiple resource files? Attachment problem

1998-11-11 22:28:34
On November 11, 1998 at 15:16, Kevin Noonan wrote:

On the mail-server at my site, in the file mhonarc, the following line
appears among the comments at the top.

##      @(#) mhonarc 1.32 97/06/03 16:51:04 @(#)

A page further down, this line of code appears.

$VERSION = "2.1.0";

So, I take it that the version of MHonArc is 2.1.0, but I'm puzzled by
"1.32": what does this number refer to?

The "1.32" is the SCCS version of the file.  Each source file
has a SCCS version.

$VERSION represents the version of the entire software package.
BTW, the latest version is v2.3.3.

There are over a hundred MHonArc archives at my site. Would it be feasible
to use a different resource file for every archive (or say, a standard one
for most of them and customised resource files for certain archives)? Mail
is automatically filtered into each archive as it arrives, by some means
unknown to me at the moment.

Yes.  Look at the DEFRCFILE resource for a clue on what you can do.

Many (but not all) mail-attachments fail to be archived correctly. Something
like the following then appears in the archived message:

     Could not process part with given Content-Type: application/msword;
     x-mac-type="42494E41"; x-mac-creator="4D535744" 

It is hard to say what the problem may be w/o having an actual sample
message that generates the message.

Is this problem caused by bugs in the version of MHonArc we're using, or is
there something wrong in the setup of MHonArc at our site? (Our mail server
is running SunOS 5.6.)

Hard to say.  You may want to try the latest version of MHonArc to
see if the problem still occurs.


Earl Hood