Re: GIF's not inline ?

1998-11-11 22:39:09
On November 11, 1998 at 13:05, Christopher Lindsey wrote:

The Content-Disposition setting takes precedence over what arguments
are specified for the filter.  The "inline" option tells the filter
how to treat the graphic if no Content-Disposition is specified.
In sum, if the Content-Disposition states the data as an "attachment",
then only a link to the data is given, even if the data is an image.

So is it evil to preprocess my messages via procmail and change 
Content-Disposition to "inline" instead of "attachment" before
sending it to MHonArc?

The cleaner approach would to add a new option to the
filter to support overriding of the Content-Disposition header.
This way there is no reliance on a preprocessor, which many users
may not use.


Earl Hood

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