Re: GIF's not inline ?

1998-11-14 13:02:56
On November 13, 1998 at 14:39, Al Gilman wrote:

You are messing with their messages but it is their messages.  If

I believe Chris only modified (would modify) the message data with
respect to MHonArc archiving.  I.e. The actual message sent to list
subscribers is left untouched.  This way, subscribers will receive
the message as sent by the sender into their own private mailboxes
and only mhonarc receives the modified data.

they really want the images inline in the archive, there are two
ways to get their.  They all learn to use their mailers in
squeaky-clean MIME fashion or you bash attachments to INLINE for
purposes of the archive.  So long as the list membership are
advised and you don't get an outcry there, you should not be too
fastidious in the handling of headers that after all are but an
encoding of what the mail client thought the users's wishes were.
In a small group like a mailing list you can appeal in natural
language to the users themselves and work accordingly.

I believe the wishes of the list subscribers is to see images
inline when accessing the Web archive.

I see nothing wrong in providing options in MHonArc to override
content-disposition if the user of MHonArc so desires.  C-D is what
the sender has stated about the data, but the receipient is free to
honor, or not honor (especially wrt filename specification), the C-D.
MHonArc provides this flexibility wrt to filenames, but currently
not with attachment/inline specifications.


Earl Hood

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