Re: GIF's not inline ?

1998-11-11 13:10:21
The Content-Disposition setting takes precedence over what arguments
are specified for the filter.  The "inline" option tells the filter
how to treat the graphic if no Content-Disposition is specified.
In sum, if the Content-Disposition states the data as an "attachment",
then only a link to the data is given, even if the data is an image.

So is it evil to preprocess my messages via procmail and change 
Content-Disposition to "inline" instead of "attachment" before
sending it to MHonArc?

I archive a list called 'iris-photos' that consists solely of photographs
of irises for identification, classification, and breeding purposes.  
Everybody wants these images to be inline, but most people there think that
MIME refers to non-talkative folks with pasty faces.  I've been successfully
converting attachment to inline (although I noticed that 'inline' has to
all be on one line to work:

   Content-Disposition: inline; filename=3D"iris.JPG"

whereas 'attachment' can be separated:

   Content-Disposition: attachment;

I basically join the two lines together and s/attachment;/inline;/ it.


P.S.  This is only on message for the archives -- I don't mess with
      any outgoing mail, etc.

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