How to add new indexes to an existing archive?

1998-11-12 10:25:08
Hi there,

I've read "MHonArc Resource Files"
( and the section of the
documentation on "Otherindexes". 

However, these seem to be applicable to a green-field installation. What if
you have (a hundred or more) existing archives, indexed by date and thread
and you'd like to add indexes by subject and author? What needs to be done
in addition (or differently)? Is it sufficient to follow the instructions on
Otherindexes in documentation and then run

mhonarc -editidx

from the command-line? Will this generate the additional index files? Any
other issues?

(BTW, messages are auto-magically filtered into our archives as they arrive,
so mhonarc isn't usually run in this way at our site. Are there likely to be
problems if new messages arrive while the "-editidx" command is underway for
one of our archives? We have globally distributed users so running it at
night won't guarantee a "quiet period" on the mailing lists.)

Kevin Noonan
"Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and
context do not apply to us. They are based on matter, there is no matter here."
- from "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace", by JP Barlow.

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