Re: How to add new indexes to an existing archive?

1998-11-12 22:17:36
On November 12, 1998 at 15:34, Kevin Noonan wrote:

However, these seem to be applicable to a green-field installation. What if
you have (a hundred or more) existing archives, indexed by date and thread
and you'd like to add indexes by subject and author? What needs to be done
in addition (or differently)? Is it sufficient to follow the instructions on
Otherindexes in documentation and then run

mhonarc -editidx

-editidx is not necessary.  If you specify a resource file everytime
you update the archive, the next update should generate the alternate
indexes.  If you do not specify a resource file everytime, you can
update your invocation of mhonarc to specify one for enough time for
mhonarc to be invoked at least once (for each archive).  Or, use the
-otherindex command-line options (NOTE: if using 2.3, make sure you
have 2.3.3 since -otherindex is broken in 2.3.0-2.3.2).

Note, -editidx is an expensive operation, especially for large archives.

An alternative method may be to use GENIDX.  A lock is only done long
enough to read the database, and then it is releases before generating
the index.


Earl Hood

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