Re: URL structure (Was: "Thread Index Formatting problems")

1998-11-12 22:32:58
On November 12, 1998 at 12:55, Peter Losher wrote:

      Is there any way to add a resource that tacks on a "target"
variable string to any URL's detected in the incoming email.  So when
MHonArc detects a URL, I can have it tack on a "target=_top" string so
that when someone clicks the link, it will break them out of the frame.  

      Is there an existing resource available, and if not, can I
suggest this be added? 

Message body conversion is controled by registered MIMEFILTERS.  So
any options that are available to modify message body conversion
is done via MIMEARGS.

All default filters are documented in the MIMEFILTERS page.  You want
check out the m2h_text_plain::filter and review the MIMEARGS page
on how to pass options to it.


Earl Hood