Re: Anyway to use include files (for nav bars) in a RCfile?

1998-11-04 20:31:36
On November 4, 1998 at 07:45, Peter Losher wrote:

In our "web design", we have a nav bar across the bottom of
the web page.  Reading the documentation, it seems that the only way to
have the nav bar show on the main, themes & message pages is to explicitly
call out the HTML code in the <LISTEND>, <TFOOT>, and <MSGFOOT> resources
respectively.  This would cause a problem in the future if modifications
are made to the nav bar (ex. having to edit three sections of a RCfile
times the number of MHonArc archives we maintain...whew!). 

      I would rather have it call to a file to include like a server
side include.  I did look at the <INCLUDE> resource, but it only works for
the main index (and isn't supported).

Define your own resource variable with DEFINEVAR and reference it where
you need it.


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