Re: Anyway to use include files (for nav bars) in a RCfile?

1998-11-04 22:03:50

(BTW, the search engine on the mhonarc list on is
currently down, so I tried to search the archive before asking this!)

I upgraded today, and it took a several hours for the
new search engine to re-index everything. Anyway, things are back up
and running; you might even notice slight improvements in performance
when searching.

Also, for what it is worth, the HTML 4.0 specification (
has a tag for "include this bit of HTML from a file right in here" I
forget the tag name. The upside is it's exactly what you want; the
downside is I don't know of any browser that implements it.  Perhaps
it's a good choice if you want to be, ahem, ahead of the curve.