URL structure (Was: "Thread Index Formatting problems")

1998-11-12 15:33:36
On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, Earl Hood wrote:

The problem is that you do not properly start the beginning of the
thread listing with the THEAD resource.  If you review the THEAD
resource page of the documentation, you will notice that the default
setting ends with an open <UL> tag.

<rereading THEAD resource page>

Ahh, I see <bang head on desk> ...  Thanks for the pointer. :)

One last question (I think!) :) 

For one of our archives we have the navigational bar framed on the side of
the browser screen, with the archive taking the remaining frame (This is
so we can offer nav-bars for registered and unregistered users on our web
site).  It's all working quite well ...

BUT ... :)

        Is there any way to add a resource that tacks on a "target"
variable string to any URL's detected in the incoming email.  So when
MHonArc detects a URL, I can have it tack on a "target=_top" string so
that when someone clicks the link, it will break them out of the frame.  

        Is there an existing resource available, and if not, can I
suggest this be added? 

Thanks - Peter
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