Re: Anyway to use include files (for nav bars) in a RCfile?

1998-11-09 22:18:33
On November 6, 1998 at 06:39, Peter Losher wrote:

      I am encountering one additional problem, in my thread listing, I
am getting additional lines in between the original message and the follow
ups.  It looks like:

* Thread 1
* Thread 2
* Thread 3
(blank line)
      <Possible follow-ups:>
      * Followup to thread 3
(blank line)
* Thread 4
* Thread 5

      It's rather annoying to say the least, is there something I have
missing or in error in by RCfile?

It would help if you provide the parts of your resource file that
affect thread indexing.  A snippet of the resulting raw HTML will
explain the spacing, and then it is a matter of correlating it
back to resource settings.


Earl Hood