Re: Anyway to use include files (for nav bars) in a RCfile?

1998-11-04 17:49:04
What's wrong with doing a a little post processing of the archive?  

E.g., put a comment like:

<!-- MY-POST-PROCESS-INCLUDE-FILE <path/filename> --> 

in the resource section you want it to be.  Then do a scan and replace 
script to insert the file.  Probably about 20-50 line of perl (with 
comments).  You might want to think about adding identifying comments 
around the included file, so the archive could be reprocessed without 
having the source files, if you need a new header...

Alternatively, you could wrap your files with a CGI script
to read them.  You could even redirect .html requests within
that directory to highlight.cgi?filename.html.  Then
do the post-processing thing above (I've written some
simple Perl functions to interpret SSI directives and
act the same way).

Apache requires that the SSI and the inserted documents be executable, I
would have to make sure all of my archive files are to be executable for
this to work (which makes our security guru here rather nervous, to say
the least!)

This is only true if you have XBitHack set to full.  Ask your
system administrator to turn it off for that directory.  The
disadvantage is that clients no longer cache the pages, but
chances are that they won't be going back to the same archived
message over and over again.