Anyway to use include files (for nav bars) in a RCfile?

1998-11-04 10:41:49

        We have been using MHonArc for over a year now (switching from
Hypermail), and have used it in it's "vanilla" form straight out of the
box during that time.  We now are trying to configure an RCfile to format
our multiple MHonArc archives into the standard "look and feel" that the
rest of our web site maintains.

        Using the RCfile given in the MHonArc documentation, I have
customized it to meet most of our needs.  But there is one nagging problem
that I see.  In our "web design", we have a nav bar across the bottom of
the web page.  Reading the documentation, it seems that the only way to
have the nav bar show on the main, themes & message pages is to explicitly
call out the HTML code in the <LISTEND>, <TFOOT>, and <MSGFOOT> resources
respectively.  This would cause a problem in the future if modifications
are made to the nav bar (ex. having to edit three sections of a RCfile
times the number of MHonArc archives we maintain...whew!). 

        I would rather have it call to a file to include like a server
side include.  I did look at the <INCLUDE> resource, but it only works for
the main index (and isn't supported).

Has anyone come across this problem, and how did they deal with it?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Losher
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