Re: Anyway to use include files (for nav bars) in a RCfile?

1998-11-04 13:14:26
On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Al Gilman wrote:

Just try it.  If you had-wrote the page to exploit SSI, what
would you place in the hypertext file that triggers the include?
Put that in the footer of the page templates and away you go.

Gotcha, after some tweaking on my end, it works.  Thanks!

There is one last thing however that is nagging me:  

At the bottom of every message, there is a <HR> then the $PROG$ and
$VERSION$ resource variables ("Mail converted by MHonArc 2.3.2").  Now I
don't want to remove it, but I do want to append a our organization's name
and a "Comments" mailto: link etc. at the absolute bottom of the message
(as per our organization's web guidelines).  I have tinkered with the
<TFOOT> & <MSGFOOT>, etc, but its inserted right before that "Mail..."

Any suggestions? 

(BTW, the search engine on the mhonarc list on is
currently down, so I tried to search the archive before asking this!)

Best Wishes - Peter
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