Re: TIMEZONE defaults

1998-11-19 23:27:49
On November 18, 1998 at 10:00, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Are timezone acronyms not standardized?

I could not find anything official back when I first coded MHonArc.

Do RFC's only recommend knowing a few timeszones?
Or is this a potential area for improvemnt?

Probably.  I do know that there are some ambiguities.  I.e.  An acronym
in the USA can actually be an acronym used in another country (I
cannot remember the actual one, but I do remember a message a few
years back from a user about it).

I would guess that timezone acronyms may need to be based on locales
to be accurate.  I have relied on users to define timezone mappings
suitable for their locales.

Due to the world-wide nature of email, MTAs/MUAs should avoid acronyms
in dates and always use time offsets sending/composing messages.
The receiving MUAs should have the responsibility of translating the
dates to local format for the receipients.

Note, I do welcome a more complete acronym list with offsets.  I
am also interested in any acronym conflicts.


Earl Hood

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