1998-11-25 22:41:38
:0: microempresa.lock
* ^TOmicroempresa-list(_at_)sipromicro(_dot_)com
| /usr/www/users/galileo/cgi-local/mha/mhonarc -add -nolock -nodoc \
-rcfile /usr/www/users/galileo/cgi-local/mha/rcfile4 \ 
-outdir /usr/www/users/galileo/intercam/listas-html/microempresa 

But in the above example, where does mhonarc the messages take from 
to convert to *.html?

It's actually fed into mhonarc through STDIN (that's what the -add
flag does).  Otherwise you're telling it to convert an existing
mailbox AND to take the incoming message -- but that confuses it.
It's not the right thing to do anyhow because you're forcing
MHonArc to do a lot of extra processing with each new message.

So I thought, let procmail save all incoming messages to a file 

* ^TOmicroempresa-list

That's a good idea.  :)  You should add a lockfile and a 'c' flag
so that procmail will make a copy of the message.  If you don't
have the 'c' flag, it never gets to the second procmail recipe:

   :0 c:
   * ^TOmicroempresa-list

where $HOME/listas/microempresa is the messages inbox-file for 
mhonarc to convert. If I do not specify the inbox-file, mhonarc takes 
the default directory and there are not my messages.

The inbox should be STDIN.

Does this make any sense?


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