Re: NEXTLINKIA and PREVLINKIA in Spanish navigation bar

1998-11-26 11:17:14
On November 24, 1998 at 09:13, hiddink(_at_)sipromicro(_dot_)com wrote:



MSGHEAD is not closed.  You do not nest MHonArc elements.  If you
look at the HTML output generated, I bet you will see <NextLink>
and other MHonArc tags in the output (you may need to look at the
raw HTML to notice the tags).

What to do is to define NextLink, et al. and then use resource
variables in MsgHead to refer to values set by NextLink, et al.

For example, look how the default BotLinks resource is defined:


Take the $PREVLINK$ resource variable.  The value of this resource
variable is determined by the PrevLink and PrevLinkIA resources.
You will notice that the <PrevLink> and <PrevLinkIA> tags do NOT
appear in <BotLinks>.  If not using the default values for <PrevLink>
and <PrevLinkIA>, they would appear outside of <BotLinks>, and any
other MHonArc resource element.  To reference the value represented
by <PrevLink> and <PrevLinkIA> in other resources, you would use


Earl Hood

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