Re: Invoke mhonarc through .procmailrc

1998-11-26 04:29:24
On Wed 25 Nov, Christopher Lindsey wrote:
I tried to invoke mhonarc through .procmailrc as soon as a new 
message comes from a mailing list in but I can not get it done. Below 
is my .procmailrc. Only the last four paragraps refer to the invoke 
command. I tried various possibilities but not one to them worked. 
Below I copied my complete .procmailrc in case there would be an 
'interaction' with other commands.

Also, calling MHOnArc everytime you get a message may not be what you
want.  When MHOnArc archives get big it takes a while (and a lot of
processor time) to add a message.

What I do is filter messages into mailboxes, then have a cron job that
takes the mailboxes a number of times a day and runs MHOnArc on them....
much more efficient.



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