Ezmlm and MHonArc

1998-11-26 17:07:20
Hi !

I 've tried to archive my ezmlm mailing list with MHonarc...
At the beginning, everything was great but since several months, I cannot
run the archive...

When I try to run MHonArc, I 've got :  "one message" or "no new message"...
My list have more than 500 mails archived indeed !
These mails are in directories, listed by numerical (ezmlm standard archive)

I tried to create the MHonarc base from scratch but no way, MHonArc does not
see my mail messages...

Even, the most simple query will not run :
mhonarc -outdir usr/liste/archived -maxsize 300 /usr/liste/html/
Why ?

Can someone help me ?


(I 've got the new version of MHonarc)

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