1999-01-16 10:41:49
I just checked and found out that I am running version 2.2.0, so I'm
guessing that might be the problem (even new messages are not being
stripped.)  I'll put in a request to my ISP to upgrade to the latest.

Thanks for your reply,


At 9:23 PM -0600 1/15/99, Earl Hood wrote:
On January 14, 1999 at 18:20, Gregg Kemp wrote:

Does it matter where I put it in the rcfile?  Then I
rebuilt the database using mhonarc -editidx -rcfile main.mrc -outdir
<path>.  Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong.


SUBJECTSTRIPCODE will not affect already converted messages.  It
is applied as messages are first read.  You will have to recreate
the archives with the original messages if you want SUBJECTSTRIPCODE
to do what you want.

Any new messages should be affected.


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