Adding search in monthly archives

1999-02-09 12:47:40

I added a quick search (thanks to Jerry Stratton's perl code, with few
small changes) to my monthly archive indexes by adding '<script
src="../search.js"></script>' to my rcfile. The javascript writes the
search form, reads the current url and sets two of the form values
(paths) to direct the search at the current month's archive. This
makes the form context sensitive.

Source of search.js:

document.write("<form name=search method=post
<input type=text name=Term><input type=hidden name=listbase>
<input type=hidden name=archive>
<input type=hidden name=ListAddress value='tw-list(_at_)atl(_dot_)hp(_dot_)com'>
<input type=hidden name=ListDescription value='Town Wagon Mailing
<input type=hidden name=HomePage
path=window.location.pathname.split('/');'~wade/dodge/list/' + path[4];[4];

How it works:

I still use marc-search to search across all the months from the
archive home.

Wade H. Van Buskirk - Marine Recreational Fisheries Programmer/Analyst
HTTP://, Phone:503-650-5400, Fax:503-650-5426  

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