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1999-02-09 14:28:41
---Eduardo Jacob <jtpjatae(_at_)bicc00(_dot_)bi(_dot_)ehu(_dot_)es> wrote:

I have setup a list with majordomo and MHonarc (Very good job
indeed). I
have found that the mesages sent by a person (the father of the
don't get parsed as messages. I haven't seen more messages that
don't get
added. He is using the mail application that comes with IE3 (He says
IE4 is overkill)

The first thing to check is the message-id.  If the message-id is the
same as a message-id of an archived message, mhonarc will not add
the message to the archive.

Here is the message as taken from the file: The only strange thing
this message is that each paragraph of the text from it is not
it's a (very) long line.

Long lines should not be a problem.

Note, in the message you give, the References field is not formatted
correctly.  However, I doubt it would cause mhonarc to not add the

It is best if you send the message as an attachment; i.e. in raw
form.  MUAs may modify the data (eg. break long lines) if you include
the data as you did.  Your example appears to suffer from this since
some of the message header fields have inproper folding.


Earl Hood

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