Unable to find site .mhonarc.rc file

1999-02-09 11:16:20

MHonArc v2.3.3 (Perl 5.005)
SunOS arcmx2 5.6 Generic_105181-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-MP

The Problem:

  Our site-wide default resource file was not being read, even
  though it was correctly installed in  MHonArc-libary-path/DEFRCNAME  
  In, line 224, the following statement is used 
  to read a possible default resource file:

      $tmp = join($DIRSEP, $INC[0], $DefRcName)  unless (-e $tmp);
  However, the MHonARC libary path is in $INC[1] instead of $INC[0].
  This is because of the following statement at line 37 in the
  mahonarc script which inserts lib ahead of the site MHonArc library:
      unshift(@INC, 'lib');     # Should I leave this line in?

A Simple Solution:
   I found it sufficient to simply look in the first and second INC
   dirctories.  No doubt there is a more elegant fix.

***       Sun Nov  8 13:06:23 1998
---    Mon Feb  8 16:23:15 1999
*** 222,227 ****
--- 222,228 ----
      } else {
        $tmp = join($DIRSEP, $ENV{'HOME'}, $DefRcName);
        $tmp = join($DIRSEP, $INC[0], $DefRcName)  unless (-e $tmp);
+       $tmp = join($DIRSEP, $INC[1], $DefRcName)  unless (-e $tmp);
        if (-e $tmp) {

Jim Berry
Federal Reserve Board

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