Re: Ezmlm and MHonArc permissions problem

1999-02-18 14:06:20
At 10:37 18/02/99 -0600, "Rick McMillin" <ricklist(_at_)iland(_dot_)net> wrote:
Also, does anyone have any ideas as to how I can set this up
to automatically create my "YYYY-MM" directories when the first
message for the month gets posted to the list so I don't have to
go in and create all of them by hand?

Hi, everyone,

I am new to MHonarc (2.3.3) and am faced with the same desire to split
my mailing list into months. Rick's plan looks good, but I was thinking
about just one directory, but telling mhonarc which message number to
start from when creating the next months files.

So, month 1 may have files msg00000 to, say, msg00400; then I want to 
mhonarc to start from msg00401 when creating the new archive for month 2.
Hope you get the idea. I've had a look at the docs, and even a browse in
the source and it looks like this feature is not available.

Anyone trying to do the same thing? Or reasons why its not a good idea?

Thanks for some great software,
Phil Watkinson,
Boston, UK.

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